Shrink Tank | If psychology and pop culture had a baby...
If psychology and pop culture had a baby, they'd call it Shrink Tank.
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In Wonder, the new film by The Perks of Being a Wallflower director Stephen Chbosky, Jacob Tremblay (Room) plays
Happy Thanksgiving from the Shrink Tank Podcast! Our podcast panelists are thankful for our awesome listeners, and appreciate their
My kids are pretty young, so they don’t have many strong memories of Barack Obama or his speeches. They
  I knew very little about the film Coco going into my advanced screening.  I’m not sure if the marketing
anny Diaz, the Defensive Coordinator for the University of Miami, may have taken a few positive psychology courses in
"Wonder" is a touching film inspired by the novel by R.J. Palacio, following a young boy with Treacher Collins. Treacher Collins is
Last year, we gave our second annual Champion of Mental Health award to Lindsey Sterling, for her advocacy of mental health
One year ago the world was turned upside down, and it wasn’t by the Demogorgons from Stranger Things.  No,

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