In honor of 2015, I’ve started a series that will cover various topics, ranging from psychology to pop culture. Each blog post will be formatted into a top 15 list and will appear on our website on the 15th of each month (or as close to as possible).

On the Entertainment Shrinkly podcast that I am a part of, we start the show with “Psych Bites”, a segment where we discuss some of the current psychology news making headlines. I am responsible for gathering potential new stories, and I often collect and read a dozen or so quirky or insightful studies. Since I’m currently experiencing binge-watching burnout, I thought I might use this “Pop Culture Dead Zone” as an opportunity to go on a “Self-Help” binge, looking for ways to enhance my overall life. If you follow these 15 guidelines, you and your family will be happy and healthy!

  1. 4387452300_401f4c932b_zFive Hidden Benefits of GossipingMy Gossiping Will Save the World! University of Oxford professor Robin Dunbar explains the benefits of gossip in our lives, in our relationships, and in social order. I for one will not be to blame if our society crumbles. 
  1. Science Proves Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did For Youmusic-lessons-435105_640You’re Welcome! That’s what I’ll say to my two daughters when they complain that they don’t wantto practice their piano. So I am the best parent ever. That being said, I’m suddenly overcome with childhood issues, since my parents neglected to provide me with the crucial tool of learning music. Oh well, I guess I’ll just start taking those cello lessons and send my parents the bill.
  1. Rebecca1917versionToo Much Self-Esteem May Result in Raising a Bully or Narcissist “That sounded nice, but you know, I’ve heard better.” That’s what I’ll say when I hear my daughters play their piano pieces. I’ll be sure to let them know their piano playing isn’t anything special, since it could lead to an overinflated sense of self, vanity, materialism, entitlement, a lack of empathy and overvaluing their abilities and skills. Not only that, overpraising my daughters may also create a future bully.;
  1. Men are More Narcissistic and Entitled Than Women – It’s comforting to know that no matter how much I mess up my daughter, if I had sons they’d probably be worse.\self-love-65693_640
  1. True Adulthood Doesn’t Begin Until Age 25 – Great! Does that mean I have to postpone my mid-life crisis? Because I was getting close to purchasing that Harley Davidson.
  1. Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep? – I’m not sure if I talk in my sleep, but I have been told that I will prop up my legs and cross them like I’m sitting in a chair when in slumber.   And apparently my wife was grossed out when one time in my sleep I picked my nose and ate the booger. I’ve never lived that one down.
  1. Daydreaming_(1)Don’t Stop Daydreaming – Why a Wandering Mind is Good For You – Davy Jones was right – Daydream Believers unite! I am a perpetual daydreamer, and now I know it’s good for me. Now if I could just stop being an entitled narcissist.
  1. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Men, Backed By Research – Well, I must not have been funny in high school. Just read this list and you’ll figure it out.
  1. One Hour of Sleep Affects What You Eat – So can I blame my Taco Bell diet on when I fall asleep? I guess I should start determining my bedtime on what I want to eat the next day.
  1. TV Binge Affects Body – Or should I blame House of Cards for my weight?
  1. Sad Movies Make You Eat More – If you really want to lose weight, watch a comedy but not Sophie’s Choice.
  1. Happy_Old_ManSomeday We May Live to Be 500 – Yup, that’s right. If this is true, some of you are so going to regret those tattoos you got when you were young!
  1. render_of_a_clock_by_poultrychamp-d60y5eoMusic Hijacks our Perception of Time – I just found the best excuse ever for being late … backed by science. You’re welcome.
  1. 50 Shades of Grey’s Sex Scenes Removed For Vietnam Release – Is it now called 20 Shades of Grey? Won’t it be the length of a television episode now? I guess if my young daughter really wants to watch it, we can fly to Vietnam and view an age appropriate version. I once watched a Quentin Tarantino film with the violence and profanity removed. It was called the end credits.
  1. We Should Shower Less Often Than You Think – Which means we should spend less timearound other people.


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