Write for Us! Join the Shrink Tank Team of Contributors

We like to say that if psychology and pop culture had a baby, they’d call it Shrink Tank.

Shrink Tank is an entertainment website truly unique from the rest.

Our posts are pop culture-based content, but with a psychological spin. Whether it’s analyzing a celebrity breakdown, a review of the newest movie release, or discussing the best musical content, we cover it all. We encourage our writers to give their own quirky perspective on current trends, events, and entertainment news.

We love people. Like, a lot. That being said, we’re always looking for new contributors to join our roster of excellent writers for this growing website. We don’t offer financial compensation for articles, but exposure on the site allows for professionals to have their words and ideas on a bigger platform. Our goal is to get psychology to as many people as possible, so we really want psychological perspectives that readers might not be able to find on other sites.

We encourage contributors to submit writing pieces that highlight their own voice, style, and sense of humor.

As a Shrink Tank contributor, you’re in control. We like to give our writers full freedom over what they write about. Most articles contain about 75% pop culture and 25% psychology. Some of these lean more towards psychology such as this Kanye West article, whereas others have a more heavy pop culture influence like this article on the Bachelorette. Although this is not a paid gig, our website will add to your portfolio and offer exposure to your writing in a unique way.

How Often Do I Have To Write?

We see you. Every day you’re #hustlin. Since we understand you have other priorities, we do not require a certain amount of articles from you, however, most writers contribute twice a month or more. Let us know your availability and we’ll work with you to find the best fit on our contributor calendar.

Do you meet these requirements?

  1. Are you a mental health professional or an undergrad/graduate student in a mental health field?
  2. Are you interested in movies, television, books, videos games, sports, fashion, or other trending topics in popular culture?
  3. Do you have an interesting perspective on your areas of interest?
  4. Are you a good writer?
  5. Would you like to contribute to Shrink Tank to help spread psychology and enhance your personal brand?

If you fit the bill, please contact us here and include the following information:

  1. Your name and degree (or the degree you are pursuing if you are in graduate school).
  2. Your profession (i.e., psychologist, social worker, counselor, psychiatrist, etc.)
  3. Your areas of pop culture interest (gaming, fashion, classic movies, indie music, etc.)

We can’t wait to hear from you!