Daisy Ridley: Champion of Women’s Health

Daisy Ridley: Champion of Women’s Health


Daisy Ridley is a champion for Women’s Health.  May 14-21 is National Women’s Health Week.

The entertainment industry is often criticized for its portrayal and depiction of realistic and healthy women.  Fortunately, several celebrities have taken up the mantle to promote healthy body image, confidence, and acceptance for young girls everywhere.  In honor of National Women’s Health Week, Shrink Tank is highlighting several celebrities who have used their fame as a platform for women’s issues.

Daisy Ridley is one such celebrity.

Daisy Ridley

Hollywood is regularly criticized to creating ancillary roles for women.  But in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ridley’s character Rey isn’t focused on finding romance  or needing a man to rescue her.  She is a three-dimensional character who is at the center of the new Star Wars trilogy.  All the arguments that female driven films are not profitable withered with Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking every domestic box-office record.  It currently stands as the highest grossing film in American history and has sequels arriving in 2017 and 2019.


Daisy Ridley is also a champion off the big screen.  Daisy has championed positive body image and acceptance for her young fans.  In a recent Instagram photo, the 24-year-old actress recently used social media to share a post about self-esteem and the pressures to appear perfect to others on social media.

Her portrayal of Rey on the big screen, and her grace and charm off screen, makes Daisy Ridley an ambassador for women’s issues and women’s health.  Be on the lookout for more celebrity profiles on women who are strong role models

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Daisy Ridley: Champion of Women's Health