The Psychology of Sequels - Shrink Tank Podcast Ep. 88
If psychology and pop culture had a baby, they'd call it Shrink Tank.
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Ep. 88 The Psychology of Sequels

Ep. 88 The Psychology of Sequels

Summer hasn’t always been a cinematic season, but change happens. Throughout this episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast, our team of Shrinks discusses the psychology of movie sequels.

From CARS 3 to the Beauty and the Beast remake, to yet another Fast n Furious movie, sequels are taking over the box office. Is it a lack of creativity in Hollywood? Even though most sequels don’t measure up to the first film, why do we feel the need to line up for the sequel? Listen in as we discuss this, making others feel negative emotions to benefit them in the future, and the difference between men and women in therapy.

Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Dave Verhaagen, Frank Gaskill, Emma Kate Wright and Jonathan Hetterly as they reveal the psychology of our pop culture topics on this week’s episode.

Was your session with the Shrinks too short? Check out our last episode here.

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