Imagine Trump's Presidency as an 80s TV Sitcom... | Shrink Tank
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Imagine Trump’s Presidency as an 80s TV Sitcom…

Imagine Trump’s Presidency as an 80s TV Sitcom…

One year ago the world was turned upside down, and it wasn’t by the Demogorgons from Stranger Things.  No, on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump shocked America and the world by upsetting Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election.

Pop culture is riding a tidal wave of nostalgia.  The 80s ascetics is all over today’s biggest pop culture products, from Stranger Things to the echoes of Flash Gordon in Thor: Ragnarok.  To celebrate the one year anniversary of Trump’s victory, Shrink Tank is pitching his presidency as an 80s sitcom.  We hope it does his presidency justice.

Listen to the Shrink Tank podcast for a lengthier discussion about Trump’s first year and conceptualizing Trump’s first year as a television series.

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