October 23, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence: Champion of Women’s Health

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  • May 16, 2017
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Jennifer Lawrence is a champion of women’s health.

Jennifer has made waves in Hollywood by challenging the unrealistic standard of beauty. Jennifer is saying very loudly that being underweight should not be any woman’s goal, and a healthier realistic standard of weight needs to be Hollywood’s new norm. She is vocal about eating food (real food!) and is sending the message to all women that it is human to do human things like eat (real food!)!

Jennifer Lawrence

Even early on in her career, Jennifer refused to give in to requests to lose weight for her role in The Hunger Games.  She recognized her responsibility as a role model for females of all ages, and demanded instead to play a strong, healthy, beautiful Katniss Everdeen. By playing a powerful (not emaciated) female character, it may have influenced millions of girls and women by challenging their definition of beauty.

Jennifer Lawrence

We praise Jennifer Lawrence for championing women’s health, by boldly shouting that being underweight is NOT healthy and should never be anyone’s goal. She gives us an option we can really get behind whole heartedly, that strong and healthy is beautiful and praiseworthy!

Check out the other celebrities featured for National Women’s Health Week! Daisy Ridley and Mindy Kaling!

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