Psych Cinema: Beauty and the Beast

Psych Cinema: Beauty and the Beast


Welcome to Psych Cinema, Shrink Tank’s video series where I break down the psychological aspects of the films I watch and love.

I am joined by my friend and colleague Emma Kate Wright to explore the psychology of the Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast.  The new film, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and Josh Gad, doesn’t shy away from adult themes despite its fairy tale origins.

In my Psych Cinema video, our psychological breakdown of the film includes:

  • Belle’s representation of feminism, gender roles, and empowerment
  • Gaston’s narcissism and psychopathic behavior
  • The Beast’s depression, self-pity, and sense of hopelessness
  • Parenting Styles
  • Childhood loss and trauma
  • Post-Traumatic Growth

Those are some heavy themes for a family film.

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Psych Cinema: Beauty and the Beast