The 12 Best Saturday Night Live Moments of 2016


In the more than forty-year history of Saturday Night Live, we’ve had some ups and downs. Some seasons were way better than others; some casts were way stronger than others. It’s still a lazy criticism that SNL is not as good as it used to be, but this year you’d be hard-pressed to support that claim. If you don’t believe me, watch any random episode from ten or twenty years ago, then watch a random one from this past year and then tell me which one was better. By nearly any measure, SNL has had one of the strongest years ever. Some of these moments are biting social commentary, while others, like Farewell Mr. Bunting or Haunted Elevator, are just plain silly.  The number one moment wasn’t a skit; it was Dave Chapelle’s monologue, which is arguably the best, most timely monologue in the 41 year history of the show.

Here are the 12 best SNL moments of the past year:

12. Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition

11. A Day Off

10. Bern Your Enthusiasm

9. Close Encounter (with Ryan Gosling)

8. Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

7. Voters for Trump

6. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

5. Walking Dead Chappelle Show

4. Haunted Elevator with David S. Pumpkins

3. Farewell Mr. Bunting

2. Black Jeopardy on SNL

1. Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue


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