A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationships


A Minecrafter’s Guide to Building Relationshipsshowposter

Step One: The Basics (Initiating Contact)

When you first venture into the world of Minecraft you have to start from scratch, build your own tools and mine the basic materials. In life you will need to do the same thing when you meet a new person. To begin, you must slowly dig beneath the surface to find out more about the other person. You can ask her questions such as, “Where are you from?” or “Where do you go to school?” Collecting information about a person is similar to gathering wood in the game, your basic building material. Once you’ve gotten some basic information you can begin to craft your tools. These tools will help you uncover the important information about the person you are conversing with.

Step Two: Building Your Tools (Digging Beneath the Surface)

Now that you’ve crafted some basic tools, you will be able to uncover better building materials and acquire them much more efficiently. For example, when using a wooden pickaxe in the game you will be able to mine and acquire cobblestone very easily. Once the stone has been mined, it can be crafted into a stronger pickaxe that in turn can be used to mine even better materials. This too applies to getting to know someone in life – if you find out basic information about someone, you can use this as a tool to find out even more about him. If he or she was telling you about their hobbies, you can inquire about how long they have been doing it. For example, if you were talking to your new friend Max and he told you he played guitar, you could then say, “That’s really cool. How long have you been playing the guitar?” As you begin to find out more information you will become more comfortable with Max and he will naturally begin to tell you more about himself over time.

Step Three: Mining for Obsidian & Building a Nether Portal (Diving Deeper)

Once you’ve crafted your first set of tools you can begin to upgrade them as you find better materials or more information about whomever you’re speaking to. By using iron in Minecraft you can gradually start to mine your way to diamond, which will enable you to mine obsidian. Obsidian is the equivalent of Max’s personal information, not necessarily his most personal facts, but you’re getting to know him on a deeper level and beginning to build a strong friendship with him. At this point you and Max could be hanging out with each other outside of school. You could be finding things you have in common, or doing things together that you both enjoy like playing instruments. Once the obsidian, or personal information has been mined a Nether Portal can be crafted.

Step Four: Entering the Nether (Becoming Great Friends)

To build a Nether Portal you will need to place your obsidian into the proper rectangular shape and then light it with flint. After your portal has been built you will be able to access the Nether – this is the equivalent of becoming truly emotionally connected with someone in any way. Once in the Nether you will have access to some very private information that others will entrust to you as a part of your friendship. You will be expected to deal with hard situations in this world – having to protect your friends and be there for them when they need you most. At this point it may seem difficult, but remember, you are prepared for this. You were able to get to this point because of some impressive mining and crafting and a full range of tools. You are capable of handling everything the Nether may throw at you!

Blog By: Noah Wisch

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