Anticipating Season 2 of Bloodline


I’m feeling anxious and uneasy all at the same time; the second season of Bloodline is coming to Netflix on Friday. The first season was so intense; there is no way else to describe it. I could only manage one episode at a time, which firmly goes against all my binge-watching desires. But I couldn’t handle more than sixty minutes of the Rayburns. And yet, I will definitely be watching this next season… no matter how long it takes me. I have too many unresolved questions that need to be answered. And y’all, I’ve got a lot.

Season one recap:

At the conclusion of the first season, we know that it was Danny’s body lying face down in the water, and that John is responsible. How is John coping with the guilt? Does John take the job as sheriff? And if so, how is he juggling the new job with the whole killing-his-brother thing? What will the cover-up do to his mental stability?

Meg and Kevin were accomplices to the murder’s cover-up. Will those kayakers who may or may not have seen them move Danny’s body become a problem?

Sally is the only immediate family member in the dark about the true cause of her eldest son’s death. Will she find out through Lenny, the detective? And how will she respond to her surviving children if she does? What does Lenny know?! And how does he know it?!

Danny’s son shows up in the final seconds of the last episode…there’s clearly going to be a disaster. What’s his deal? Where did he come from? Is he going to reveal that he saw both Kevin and John coming out of Danny’s Miami apartment?

And maybe most scary of them all: What’s going to happen when Wayne Lowry, the drug lord, realizes he and his operation have been set up as the culprits for Danny’s death? What’s going to happen when he finds out the Rayburn kids are to blame?!

There are so many secrets. At what point will it all become too much? And who is going to break first?

Season 2 trailer:

I can already hear myself repeating over and over in my head (or out loud): “This isn’t real…This isn’t real…” Clearly I’m going to have to follow up with an episode of Friday Night Lights to find comfort in the strong and steady that is the Taylor family (Sorry not sorry for the FNL reference). Basically, I can’t wait to start watching; it just may take me a while to return to my emotional baseline once I reach the end of episode 13.

Here’s the link to my review on the Rayburns (Spoiler Alert!)


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