How to Cope with Endgame Blues, Inspired by The Avengers

Pick your own coping strategy: Avengers edition.


This is it, folks.  The end.

After a 21-movie marathon spanning the last decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ending an era with its upcoming film Avengers: Endgame.

With stakes this high, there’s only one likely outcome: at the end of it all, we’re gonna be bummed about something.

So how do we deal with our super-powered grief?  While you’re packing your tissues and stress balls for the theater, consider choosing a coping strategy inspired by one of our main characters:

Tony Stark / Iron Man: High-end retail therapy.

Buy a yacht, a private jet, a race car.  Maybe drive your race car personally to cheat death, then hire a DJ to throw a huge rager at your house for you and hundreds of your close friends. When all of that fails, you can always try passive aggression and snarkiness.


Steve Rogers/Captain America: Stuff it.

Bury that sadness deep and throw yourself into your work.  Use the grief as motivation to face every ethical dilemma and moral challenge.   Base all of your decisions on vague and conveniently-timed messages from loved ones beyond the grave.  Only acknowledge your grief with an enduring, sullen gaze off into the distance.

Bruce Banner / the Hulk: Smash.


Or science. Mostly smash.

Natasha Romanov/Black Widow: Be the glue—erm, web—that holds it together.

Try desperately to keep the people around you from falling to pieces even though you are actively mourning the same thing they are.  Be their rock and supporter, clean up their messes, and internally try not to wonder how you got caught up in all of this garbage to begin with.

Thor: Dedicate your life to revenge.

Make sure to tell everyone that you have nothing left to lose and how you will spend your life bringing the perpetrator to justice.  Spend copious amounts of time creating a weapon worthy of vengeance. Just make sure when you finally take action you don’t spend too much time gloating to finish the job.

Clint Barton / Hawkeye: Get a weird makeover.

Reinvent yourself.  Shave your head and get a bunch of tattoos. Then everyone has to notice how upset you are.

No matter how you cope with your Avengers: Endgame grief, do the universe a favor and don’t pull a Thanos.


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