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Bachelorette Breakdown: Week 8

We are nearing the end of this fabulous season of the Bachelorette, and this week left us with a cliff hanger and the agony of waiting two whole weeks for a conclusion!  As we near the end, it is hard not to start wondering about next season…who is going to be the next Bachelor?  Dean stands out to us as a front runner, but is he too young?  Is his dad going to keep amazing women from chasing him? This season did not have many other standout contestants, so we are anxiously awaiting news of the producer’s decision.  But for now, let’s stay in the moment and enjoy watching Rachel and her journey of love.

Testosterone Alert

We are going to give this week to Peter, but not for the traditional reasons.  We are going to give props to Peter for having the balls to be honest, direct, and genuine.  At this point in the game, it would be easy to say what everyone expects.  Meeting her family forces the asking for their blessing in marriage, which means they’d better be saying “I love you and I want to marry you.”  It is always amazing how at this point in the show everyone knows that they are expected to feel this way, so they do…or maybe they just say they do to stay in the game.  But not Peter.  He is the first bachelor who is very honest that he has strong feelings for Rachel, but that he doesn’t think he is ready to commit to the rest of his life with her.  Peter was even so bold to tell her mother he wasn’t ready to ask for her blessing to be married because he wants to ask that question when he actually feels ready, and she loved him even more for it.  

The cliffhanger leaves us with Rachel and Peter at an impasse on the differences they have on the meaning of an engagement, and we were proud of Peter for not changing his interpretation of engagement to ABC’s interpretation of engagement.  To him engagement means I want to marry you, not I’d like to continue this relationship.  Rachel really, really wants him to let go of his meaning.  Peter, you are a man who knows what you believe and you hold tight to your principles.  It is refreshing to see on this show. You’ve earned man of the night (formerly known as testosterone alert!).

LOL Moment

The conversation between Peter and Eric about Bryan gives us our LOL moment of the night.  Peter describing how he doesn’t find Bryan to be very genuine, he said he’s just like Miami.  Lots of fun but “full of fake boobs, butts, and cheeks.”  Amen Peter.



We were not very blindsided in this episode, but we are sure that Bryan was.  The producers obviously tipped Rachel’s family off about Bryan.  Rachel’s mom had some spot on, tough questions to ask him, and boy did she ask him!  Most likely Bryan was expecting to charm everyone but instead found himself having to answer if he could take his wife’s side over his crazy mother.  Clearly, even the producers are trying to steer Rachel away from Bryan.  Rachel, we hope you start to see the signs about him and steer clear!!

Fashion Statement

We feel like Rachel has not been getting enough attention for her style this season.  We loved all of Rachel’s outfits, but especially her wraps and jackets.  This is a girl who can dress up or down and she looks confident in everything she wears.  Rock on with your fashionista self Rach!!   

Mental Health Red Flag

We are going to take this section to talk a little about Eric tonight.  Eric has certainly come a long way from the beginning of the season.  Last night it was pretty painful watching Eric.  Eric’s story is that he has never been in love.  Clearly, he struggled last night opening up and expressing his love for Rachel.  It is great that he pushed himself so hard to say things he has never said before, and he expressed that he loves that Rachel challenges him in this area.  Yet, it is clear that Eric needs some practice with relationships before he can ask a woman to marry him.  We were proud of him for chartering new territory last night, but we really hope that Rachel realizes they are on totally different playing fields and he is in no way ready to be engaged.  

Could be a Keeper

How can we wait two whole weeks to see if Rachel is going to keep Peter, or if Peter is going to stay?!? The connection between these two seems to be the only real thing on this show.  We can’t wait to find out…

Rachel Awesomeness Score

Rachel has been such an amazing Bachelorette, and we fell in love with her, even more, when we see her with her family.  She was so natural, relaxed, direct in her communication.  We know she is an amazing member of her family and will be an amazing wife and mother.  Rachel, you’ve earned a solid 5 (Wow, just WOW!) for how you handled the family visit. We hear you are happy and engaged, and we can’t wait to hear how that happened!!!   

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