Bachelorette Rundown, Week 2


Rachel Lindsay soon will come to be known as the greatest Bachelorette EVER.  There you have it, my bold prediction.  She became a fan favorite a few months ago when she almost made it to the finish line with Bachelor Nick Viall.

Now she is in the driver’s seat.  She’s already made history as the first African-American Bachelorette.  Her combination of smarts, wit, charm, beauty, and career success (she’s an attorney) make her a force of nature.

Now that we’re past the limousine arrivals, introduction antics, and all-night cocktail party awkwardness of the opening episode, Rachel’s season is in full swing.

Week 2’s episode offered up the usual menu of individual and group dates, contests (including a husband obstacle course officiated by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, as well as a basketball game overseen by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), first kisses, trash talk, testimonials, and, of course, roses.

This season Melissa Miller and I will be providing analysis of episodes with a particular eye on some key categories.  Here’s a rundown of the episode from week 2:

Testosterone Alert- During the husband obstacle course “Waboom” Lucas protected his narrow lead over Kenny the Wrestler with a Heisman-caliber stiff-arm.  No penalty was called, but Ashton did comment that Rachel’s guy was not on this particular group date.

LOL Moment- The husband obstacle course was inspired and offered great laughs, such as with the pixelated, pooh-filled diapers and the scramble to don Baby Bjorns (note– no real babies were used in the making of this episode).

Blindside- After a strong showing in the group date hoops game, DeMario looked well-positioned to get a rose.  Then his girlfriend (what?!) arrived and dished to Rachel, who promptly sent him packing.  But is he really done for the season?  The episode’s cliffhanger ending suggests he might not be.

Fashion Statement- This is an exceptionally well-dressed group of guys, particularly during the season premiere.  In week 2, Diggy made a post-game cocktail party splash in a plaid shirt, grey jacket, and ultra-cool specs.

Mental Health Red Flag- Rachel and Peter really hit it off during the first one-on-one date of the season.  They bonded about, among other things, the fact that they both have front teeth gaps.  She gushed that he is “so dreamy” and that she is a “smitten kitten,” and the night ended with figurative and literal fireworks.  They also shared that they both recently have been in therapy to help themselves handle relationships.  Let’s hope the therapy took.

Could Be a Keeper- Dean saved the day for Rachel when she wasn’t feeling it during the first group date.  Even though she clearly had the hots for him, he refrained from kissing her out of respect.  He still got the date rose, and then he kissed her goodnight.  Well-played, sir!

Rachel Awesomeness Score- Each week we’ll rate Rachel’s overall performance juggling multiple relationships, handling reality TV scrutiny, coping with sleep deprivation, and navigating her search for love.  Potential scores will be:

  1. OOPS!
  2. okay, anyone can have an off-night
  3. she’s the real deal
  4. drop the mic
  5. she is . . . wow . . . just, wow

This week Rachel showed her coolness by playing quarterback, basketball, and chilling with Mila and Ashton.  She also showed moxie with how she handled the DeMario situation.  She gets a 4 (“drop the mic”).  Check back with us next week for another rundown!


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