Ep. 97 Can You Believe It? Shrinks Talk Big Foot, UFOs, Ghosts, & Loch Ness Monster


Throughout this episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast, our team of Shrinks discusses Big Foot, UFO’s, Ghosts and Lochness Monster. Do you believe in them?



Inspired by a conversation started between the Shrink Tank panelists about Big Foot Spray. This product started a conversation about pop culture folklore, such as UFOs, Ghosts, and the Lochness Monster. Listen in as our Shrinks discuss the likelihood that these exist. Listen in as we discuss this, how hostile college students have become towards free speech, and how men troll on Facebook more than women due to narcissism.

Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Emma Kate Wright, Frank Gaskill and Jonathan Hetterly as they discuss this week’s trending topic.

Session with the Shrinks too short? Check out our last episode here.



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