Friday, November 15, 2019
Shrink Tank Podcast This week our panel of psychologists dig deep into the celebrity sex scandals of 2015. Get ready for the dirty, as Dave Verhaagen, Frank Gaskill, Jonathan Hetterly, and Rachel Kitson discuss the latest in pop culture and entertainment. Check it out on iTunes Or listen here!  

Ep. 4: A Summer Lookback

Shrink Tank Podcast On this episode of The Shrink Tank Podcast our panel of psychologists discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly movies and television series of the summer.   Check it out on iTunes Or listen here!

Ep.3: The VMA’s

Shrink Tank Podcast Video may have killed the radio star, but have youtube and social media rendered the olden days of music video viewing obsolete? MTV continues to host the annual Video Music Awards, despite the channels digression from music to more of a reality TV focus.  Are viewers tuning in to see their favorite videos being recognized or for...
Shrink Tank Podcast Would you want to be Ron Howard's kid or Kim Kardashian's? Or maybe you would prefer to be Obama's kids or Donald Drumpf's? Celebrity kids often go in two directions, becoming disasters or excellent human beings. The power of famous parents adds tremendous pressure but should we blame social media more? Also, on Psych Bytes we wonder...
Shrink Tank Podcast Are we losing more of our celebrities to drugs and alcohol now as compared to the days of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe? Today it seems the list of loved and lost celebrities increases each year. From Bobbi Kristina and Heath Ledger to Chris Kelly and Corey Monteith, are drug and alcohol related deaths increasing or are we...