College Admissions Scandal: The Psychology of Privilege

Are we entering the age of accountability?


Earlier this month, news broke of one of the biggest college admissions scandal in history. These wealthy and privileged families buy their children’s way into elite schools including Yale, Georgetown and Stanford universities.

Chief executives and even Hollywood actresses (Lori Laughlin, Felicity Huffman) are among the list of those being charged. 

On this episode, our panel discusses the psychology of privilege, inequality in education, parent anxiety, and people abusing power.

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We’re talking about powerful and affluent people who are used to getting their way.

– Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

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Being Human

A study found that treating the parents of anxious kids can be just as beneficial as treating the kids themselves. Parents can inadvertently perpetuate their kid’s anxiety by accommodating anxious behaviors.

Read the study that inspired our discussion here.

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