The ‘Die Hard’ Debate: How Do You Actually Define a Christmas Movie?

Our society tends to push an agenda that the holidays, as well as "holiday films," MUST be happy, sentimental, and joyful—which isn't the case for everyone.


How do you define a Christmas movie?

This episode of Psych Cinema is discussing what may arguably be one of the greatest film debates of all time: is Die Hard actually a Christmas movie? Therapist Jonathan Hetterly is discussing both sides of the endless debate, his opinion, as well as the different types of Christmas films. 

Why can’t there be such a thing as a subversive holiday film? Our society tends to push an agenda that the holidays have to be happy, sentimental, and joyful, which isn’t always the case. 

This week’s Psych Cinema finally settles the great debate of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Find out the answer here: 

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