Bo Burnham’s directorial debut, Eighth Grade, is a poignant look into coming-of-age in the digital world. 

It can be unsettling when you watch mundane events unfold on the big screen that evoke unbearable insecurities, worries, and sadness.  You’ve been warned: the cringe factor is extremely high for Eighth Grade.  

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In this episode, our Shrinks discuss their own personal middle school experiences along with their thoughts on the film.

Listen here:

  “for my perspective, you can see this identity formation bubbling for kayla.”

– Dr. Emma Kate Wright

Being Human

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss some of the latest findings on psychology in the news.

Today’s Being Human segment discusses our favorite furry friends. A new study suggests that pet adoption can augment medication response in treatment-resistant depression. During a single year, depression occurs in about 7% of Americans. While medication and psychotherapy may help, sometimes individuals experience treatment-resistance. This research showcases patients willing to have a pet may experience multiple benefits while treating their depression.

Our panel of Shrinks discuss how implementing pet adoption can be a therapeutic instrument. Read the article that inspired the discussion here. 

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