Ep. 106 Pop Culture’s Year in Review


If you had to describe 2017 in one word, what would it be? This year in the world of pop culture took everyone by surprise, and our panelists break down the most memorable moments. Today’s episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast includes our panel of Shrinks discussing the psychological themes of pop culture. These themes include political anxiety, cultural division, and speaking out against injustice.



“The one thing I’m hopeful for is that millennials and other younger people, as well as women, are jumping into politics and leadership. The old way of thinking needs to die out.


In our Being Human segment, a new study compares the performances of elite male and female tennis players. These recent findings revealed that men were more likely than women to buckle under pressure during intense match moments. One possible explanation they cited was cortisol levels, the stress level tends to increase more rapidly in men than in women. Those spikes can hurt performance. This week’s article inspired our Shrinks to discuss the evolutionary perspectives of the fight-or-flight response for each gender.


And lastly, we reveal our 2017 Champion of Mental Health. This year’s winner was John Green, who was recognized for his sensitivity and advocacy of mental health awareness and change. His works, inspired by his own struggles with mental health, reflect a real and honest perspective of why mental health advocacy matters.


Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Emma Kate Wright, Frank Gaskill and Jonathan Hetterly as they discuss this week’s trending topic.

Session with the Shrinks too short? Check out our last episode here.



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