Ep. 110 The Psychology of ‘Black Mirror’


Frequently compared to a combination of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Tales from the Crypt,’ Black Mirror is a twisted and unsettling show exploring technology and human behavior.  Each episode of the anthology presents a different high-tech universe that interprets and unveils the negative side effects of technology.

Today’s episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast includes our panel of Shrinks discussing the psychological elements found throughout the show.

“I feel like we are moving towards a trend of pathologizing certain normal behaviors.”

–Dr. Emma Kate Wright

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss the World Health Organization’s plan to classify ‘gaming disorder’ in the next addition to diagnostic manual. Among the discussion includes the backlash this decision has sparked online, questions of research as well as other notes about addiction disorders.

Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Emma Kate Wright, Frank Gaskill and Jonathan Hetterly as they discuss this week’s trending topic.


Need a longer session with the Shrinks? Check out our last episode here.



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