Ep.3: The VMA’s


Shrink Tank Podcast

Video may have killed the radio star, but have youtube and social media rendered the olden days of music video viewing obsolete? MTV continues to host the annual Video Music Awards, despite the channels digression from music to more of a reality TV focus.  Are viewers tuning in to see their favorite videos being recognized or for the potentially shocking demonstrations and performances by artists, which other award shows like the Grammy’s wouldn’t tolerate? We discuss our early memories of music videos, the relevance of the VMA’s, and whether music videos are still a viable art form. Also, we dissect the current research on how Tetris may help people fight addiction: http://www.businessinsider.com/researchers-think-tetris-may-be-able-to-help-people-fight-addiction-2015-8, and why the millennial generation may not be gettin’ it on like their baby boomer parents did: http://time.com/3852117/millennials-sex-parents-boomers/

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