Ep. 70: Guilty Pleasures & Pop Culture Escapism

guilty pleasures

I think it’s fair to say that our nation is facing some difficult times ahead of us. The country seems very polarized, and all forms of media (and social media) is bombarding people with hyperbolic headlines and scary predictions about where our nation is heading. But we’re not going to dive into that topic again, rather, we here at Shrink Tank thought given the current political climate, it would be a good time to discuss pop culture escapism and what we retreat to when we need to unplug from real life.



Listen to Jonathan, Frank, and Emma Kate discuss why can entertainment and the arts be a powerful force when the world seems to be going batty. They’ll also share some of their personal favorites when it comes to escapism and also explore why guilty pleasures are so powerful and necessary.


  1. Frank,

    You mentioned you have $50 underwear. I have also bought $50 underwear, twice. In both cases I can no longer find them. They are perhaps up and over the drawer in the abyss. I will look. Thanks for the reminder.


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