Ep.82: Truth in the Age of Trump


Donald Trump, as both a candidate and now as president, has played so fast and loose with the facts that it has called into question how we as a culture think about important issues of truth. This episode is the part of a Shrink Tank article series that explores the aspects of Truth in the Age of Trump.

Listen as Dave, Frank, Emma Kate, and Jonathan examine what information overload does to our ability to manage information and sort fact from fiction, the role of disintermediation where the traditional gatekeepers are pushed aside and we can get our information (or misinformation) from favored sources, and the echo chamber where we only listen to voices that support our own ideas and biases. Finally, we explore where we go from here.


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  1. […] When we commit to learning the truth, we are then put in a position of making choices about our actions. Are we willing to feign ignorance so that we don’t have to relinquish our status and standard of living, or are we willing to do what it takes so that all people within our society are able to achieve the ever-elusive “American Dream?” […]


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