Ep. 89 The Psychology of Game of Thrones


The season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones has been a greatly anticipated return among our panel of Shrinks. Throughout this episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast, our team of Shrinks discusses the psychology behind the HBO smash hit.



Shrink Tank is no stranger to Game of Thrones. Whether you’re an avid fan, a bandwagon watcher or never got into it, chances are likely that you’ve heard of the show. What is it about this show that creates the cult-following? Listen in as we discuss this trending topic, whether or not millennials spend money all their money on avocado toast and how your face reveals your socioeconomic status.


Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Emma Kate Wright, Jonathan Hetterly and guest star Sean Beck as they reveal the psychology of our pop culture topics on this week’s episode.


Was your session with the Shrinks too short? Check out our last episode here.



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