Give Me More Bad Photos of Celebs!


…There is something about these “natural” photos that is so appealing.”

Sofia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellie Goulding…these celebrity women and many more are doing it: taking a selfie without any makeup on and then posting the photo on social media. Tyra Banks is one of the more recent celebs who jumped on this band-wagon. Just last week, the former super model posted a photo of herself with her hair pulled back and making a goofy face without even a hint of foundation. And I’ll be honest, it’s not the most flattering picture of her that I’ve ever seen. But you can’t deny it; there is something about these “natural” photos that is so appealing.

Us non-famous people really love these photos…but why do we care? Well, my guess is that it’s more than just about seeing a different side of the celebrities we typically see on the red carpet dressed to the nines. I think there are three big reasons why these kind of pictures have become popular:

4016976372_a255c4b4491. The picture of a makeup-less Heidi Klum makes her feel more human, more like us! Granted, the woman is still annoyingly attractive without the aid of cosmetics, but at least she might not actually be some untouchable goddess from some far away land. Maybe we could be friends!

February_NoMakeupSelfie_12_450x5002. That photo of Cameron Diaz make-up free allows us to think, “Maybe I don’t look that bad!” In a society plagued by comparison, these makeup-less pics give us the chance to consider that maybe we are normal…maybe no one actually looks like those pictures on the magazine covers, and maybe I don’t have to strive for that fake, and cruel standard.

DemiLovato20133. When we see Demi Lovato without the “mask,” it makes us feel like we can take it off too. We can stop trying so hard…we can just be ourselves. I think we as a people are hungry for honesty, from ourselves and from others. We are tired from all the efforts to “prefect” our appearances (physical or otherwise).

I’m generally encouraged by this trend. I think these famous women are sending a positive message to young girls and ladies that there is beauty in being who you are, flaws and all, and that no one is perfect.

makeupA few words of CAUTION: Just remember that these celebrities also have crazy money that can bespent on expensive facial treatments, personal trainers, and personal chefs…so when their skin is “glowing” without a trace of cover-up, money is often the culprit…not genetics. ALSO, many magazines are capitalizing on the trend…and faking it.

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