How to Tolerate Your Family on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving has a lot of baggage, and has the tendency to suck the fun right out of family dysfunction. For many folks, there has been an effort to solve some of the family struggles, and yet they seem to come back with intensity when there is an overload of food, drink, and time. In an effort to bring it back, I would like to propose a round of family bingo for your Thanksgiving Day.

dysfEach bingo card has 25 spaces, and it is essential to brainstorm 25 different annoying scenarios or challenging interactions that deserve a spot on the card. If you have a partner who is equally challenged by these family events, it may be worthwhile to come up with a few bingo cards, and potential prizes. It is not recommended to create cards for everyone involved, as this could result in some hurt feelings. Think of this as your own private round of “Cards Against Humanity.” Obviously, these sample cards could be customized to your own family issues.

Card 1 (download here)
Narcissism Racial remark Sexism Inappropriate childhood story Bible misquote
Food allergy Awkward exit Exercise bragging Ben Carson Excessive portions
ISIS Financial concerns “Obama is a muslim” Anger Questioning career choices
Death Parenting advice Something burned Bathroom humor Arriving late
“Really should have known better.” Grudges Criticism of significant other Vaccinations Diet advice
Card 2 (download here)
False gratitude Fashion disdain Humble bragging Dead dog story Confusion about life choices
Antibiotics Food complaint Long distance phone call Camouflage Syrian refugees
Drunken slur Forgotten contribution to meal Body shaming Trump for president “I can eat whatever I want today.”
Phone snubbing Veganism Bodily function story Socialism Superlatives
Forgotten relative Something spilled Bacon “Putting Christ back in Christmas” Belt loosened

Want to make your own? Here is a blank template for you to use with your family.  Enjoy!

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