On Immigration: Therapists Talk on the Mental Health Crisis at the Border


With the current border crisis, it’s impossible to avoid the discussion of immigration.

In today’s podcast, our panel of Shrinks discusses the historical parallels between the Japanese internment camps after Pearl Harbour versus the current border crisis, the psychology of trauma in children, as well as mental health/public advocacy.

Listen to the psychology of immigration and the border crisis below, or anywhere you find podcasts.

I think that the border crisis, in a twisted psychological way, is a legal loophole for racism.

— Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

Being Human

Every week our panel of Shrinks breaks down trending topics of psychology in the news that we call Being Human.

Gay Asian Americans tend to be rated as more American than their presumably straight counterparts, according to new research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

In two studies of 1,336 individuals recruited from a university campus, participants were randomly assigned to read a description of a person, who was described either as either a man, a woman, a white person, or an Asian American person. The person’s sexual orientation was noted as “gay” or wasn’t listed.

The researchers found that Asian Americans who were identified as gay were perceived to be more American than Asian Americans whose sexual orientation was not identified. There was no significant difference observed between Asian American and non-Asian American participants.

Our panel of Shrinks breaks down their thoughts on these findings.

You can read the study that inspired our discussion here.

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