Is this the Next Hunger Games?


Filtered, by G. K. Lamb, is not your typical dystopian future story. Lamb’s first book in the thrilling trilogy is born out of his experiences within the military. Experiencing firsthand the reality of a government which can convince a population of an impending, fictitious war. The government’s intent? To control and subdue a population. We can always say those governments are the just the North Korea’s or Russia’s of the world. Or is the danger really that far?

“Wear your mask. The massive neon billboard commands me the moment I step out of my room. A picture of a dead school girl lying on the sidewalk drives the point home. The floor to ceiling windows in the high rise apartment make it impossible to escape the sign’s bright red cries for attention. I move to the glass like a moth to flame. My feet fall silently on the polished floors.ashes_to_ashes__dust_to_dust__by_cheesysteele-d3nfklw

Nose pressed against one of the many large windows, I observe the soot and smog obscured buildings of the city below. Haphazardly erected with little space between them, the buildings struggle to reach the clear air above them that remains forever out of their reach. Billboards and posters add splashes of color to the drab grey city. Their slogans, however, do little to add any cheer.

Perched high atop a towering skyscraper, is an old, faded poster of a Peace Officer in his long, brown trench coat and gloss-black rebreather sternly pointing a finger with the warning written above it in bold letters. Keep your opinions to yourself! Your business should stay your business.

The billboard nearest me depicts a housewife, dressed to the nines, standing next to a high stack of mountain air mask filters. Remember, a fresh filter everyday keeps death at bay! The ease with which this fictitious woman exists on the edge of death both intrigues and disturbs me.”

Filtered is the story of the canary caged in a coal mine. The canary’s name, Evelyn, and the coal mine is The Great Society. The reader follows Evelyn throughout the ash encrusted city from her filtered home to her filtered bus and on to her filtered school. Everyone must wear the mask. And the “accidental” deaths of 18 schoolchildren proves The Great Society’s citizens must always wear the mask.


In most coal mines, the canary is first to die. G. K. Lamb’s canary is striving not to die in her attempt to uncover the mystery of the ash and the strange silver trucks which inevitably appear at each massacre.

I absolutely love this book and was immediately lost in the heroic female’s life, her cold and neurotic parents, and her fearful attempts to discover the truth of something she did not know was a lie. The world of Filtered is a believable future of environmental contamination and a government which has established an atmosphere of legitimate fear in order to maintain its power.

I could not recommend this book more highly and while I hate cliffhangers, I am equally excited this is the first book in a trilogy which I am absolutely convinced will be turned into a film.

Buy this book immediately!

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