Why Joker is so Polarizing, Explained by Psychology


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Joker.

Why Joker is so Polarizing, Explained by Psychology

Joker, the latest film starring Joaquin Phoenix, has been the catalyst of numerous discussions regarding its depiction of mental health, toxic masculinity, and the correlation of mental illness and violence.

In today’s podcast episode, therapists Jonathan Hetterly and Frank Gaskill break down the film’s mental health depictions, how individuals with mental illness tend to be ostracized by society, as well as why our culture is reacting so strongly to the film.

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Being Human

Every week our panel of Shrinks breaks down trending topics of psychology in the news that we call Being Human.

Since Joker has been described as ‘catnip’ for Batman’s toxic masculinity fandom, we wanted to discuss early socialization of negative masculine ideals.

A recent article from the American Psychological Association states that by “looking at the development of aggression throughout childhood, we know that not only do aggressive behaviors can emerge at an early age, they also tend to persist over time, without early prevention intervention.”

The socialization of the male characteristics—including such toughness, stoicism, and a lack of emotional sensitivity—also onsets at an early age making it a prime time-period for prevention intervention.

Our panel of Shrinks breaks down their thoughts on these findings.

You can read the study that inspired our discussion here.

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