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Essentially, viewers are provided with a glimpse into a world that lives behind the television façade and alludes to serious secrets kept by the Kardashians… until things get too serious and somehow the media gets a hold of them. Clearly, the Kardashians have not swept the alcohol and drug abuse under the rug completely, but most were probably unaware of just how grave things were with Lamar Odom until his recent overdose. We constantly hear about celebrities and their drug use issues, and I think there are three big things that contribute to why we see this time and time again.

1. Access to drugs—

Celebrities attend a lot of parties, which is problematic for drug use in several ways. There is the obvious fact that they are being exposed to the drugs, but there is likely pressure to use drugs as well. If you want to get ahead in the industry and someone you want to work with offers you a drug, you are more likely to use that because that’s how peer pressure works.

2. Job Stress—

Celebrities live very hectic lives and lack privacy, which at times may result in some turning to drugs to self-medicate. Making a movie or filming a TV show is probably exciting and fun in the beginning. However, the constant pace of meetings, shooting, and press events is exhausting and being constantly harassed by the media and paparazzi is lonely and isolating because it’s difficult to do everyday activities.

3. Wrong Friends—

Celebrities are surrounded by a lot of ”yes people” who help facilitate their bad habits. When you reach a certain level of fame, everyone wants to be your friend, making it very difficult to know who to trust. People want to be around you, which might lead some to shy away from giving a celebrity their true opinion. Never hearing the word “No” is obviously not a real existence. So if celebrities are surrounded by people who only tell them what they want to hear, there will be serious issues in time, especially if they are a drug user.

Celebrity drug culture is rampant, and unfortunately, drug addiction is a long and hard battle to overcome even when people really desire to change. Hopefully, Lamar Odom’s recent scare will push him to get help, and I hope that “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” handles this situation in a respectful manner on their show. With that said, I think there are a few steps that Lamar should take on his road to recovery.kl

Lamar, first and foremost, stay grounded by keeping yourself surrounded by a small group of good people. The people that are advising you need to genuinely care for you and be your friends. You need to trust them 100%. (Lamar Odom appears to be doing this because he has Khloe Kardashian by his side as he attempts to recover. I think she is one of those people for him.)

Second, and along a related note, you need to get rid of all the “yes people” in your life. You need people that will give it to you straight, and let you know when what you are doing is harmful to yourself. So I hope you end those negative relationships.

Third, fame is very fickle and can be easily lost. This event will shape you for the rest of your life and I hope it gives you a renewed sense of purpose and meaning to living. We don’t know how your body has physically been impacted by your overdose, but pending your recovery, I hope you find ways to help others and give back to communities. There is so much more to life than the glitz and glam of parties and people who give in to what you want.

Finally, do your best to keep stress to a minimum. You have a long road ahead of you so I’m sure this is a lofty goal. Find ways to relax even for just 5 minutes every day and realize how fortunate you are to be alive. Life is a gift and drugs can destroy not only your body, but your spirit too. I wish you the best Lamar and I hope that this moment moves you in a positive direction so that you can be an inspiration to anyone working to overcome their addictions.


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