A Love Triangle is Born? Analyzing Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Romance Rumors

As the world fanned the flames of a rumored Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper romance, I did not think once about Irina Shayk watching from the audience....


A Star Is Born, the fall 2018 blockbuster featuring Bradley Cooper as a troubled country music star and the iconic Lady Gaga as an ambitious singer-songwriter, was a heavy film to watch. I left the theatre sobbing—both times I saw it.

Even listening to the album afterwards was difficult, as just the opening chords of ‘Shallow’ would bring me back to the romance blossoming between the two characters, the heavy themes addressed throughout the movie, and the gut wrenching ending.

The reason myself and so many others were so deeply affected by this movie is the fact that Gaga and Cooper really sold the love between their characters. In fact, they sold it so well that many are convinced there was real romance between the actors behind the scenes, who both were in relationships at the time of filming. As the media surrounding the film intensifies, so does the lens on Gaga and Cooper’s personal lives.

The actors are now both single. It was announced in the past few weeks that Bradley Cooper and his long-term partner and mother of his young daughter, Irina Shayk, have split. Many fans sit on the edge of their seat to see if the suspected romance behind the scenes will now play out in real life, speculating that the fallout between Bradley and Irina was due to his relationship with Lady Gaga.  

These questions remain: Is there real love between them? Was it just really good acting?

How Much Can One Relationship Stand?

I’ll admit, following the now infamous musical performance at the Oscars in February between the two actors, I was pretty convinced they were in love. As the world went into a frenzy about the two basically staring into each other’s souls and serenading each other on stage, I did not think once about Irina Shayk watching from the audience.

Now, as reports fly in about how the split will affect Bradley and Irina’s two year old daughter, Lea, it’s all I can think about.

The reason the performances in A Star is Born and the appearances following its release are so believable is because of the on-screen chemistry that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga created. They fully committed to their characters and the story they were telling. The film was Cooper’s directorial debut – which proves that not only did he commit to his character, but he committed to every aspect of the story, and successfully generated a critical and commercial hit. (Bradley, you deserved an Oscar. I’m still bitter.)

The mass hysteria calling for a real-life romance between Gaga and Cooper is simply a testament to their acting abilities. As Lady Gaga told Jimmy Kimmel in February following the Oscars performance, “I’m an artist, and I guess we did a good job. Fooled ya!”

Bradley and Lady Gaga’s characters had intense chemistry in the film and seemed destined to be together, but what do we really know about whether these two actors should be together just because they can do their jobs well? Would soft-spoken, enigmatic Bradley Cooper really be soulmates with the free-spirited and flamboyant Lady Gaga? We have no idea.

As media tries to conjure up new explanations for the split between Bradley and Irina based on speculation and rumors, I can’t help but wonder if the real reason is right in front of us and painfully obvious.

“Imagine being Irina. At what point would you feel a strain on your relationship from the pressure?”

Imagine being Irina. Imagine your husband being so good at his job that the whole world was convinced he should be with another woman. Imagine watching the performances over and over, being on set, watching each scene from the perspective of the mother of his child. If the whole world questions your husband’s loyalty, at what point would you? At what point would you feel a strain on your relationship from the pressure?

At what point would it all just be too much?

Society, It’s Time For A Reality Check

I’m as hopeless of a romantic as they come, but in the wake of the split between Bradley and Irina, I’m #TeamIrina.

I’m also #TeamBradley, and I’m also #TeamLadyGaga. I’m #Team whatever these people want in life, because that’s what they are: people. They all deserve respect and privacy in their personal lives. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga deserve a job well done for being phenomenal artists, so phenomenal that they may have fooled the world. Irina Shayk deserves a job well done for raising her daughter and maintaining her poise while enduring intense scrutiny and pressure.

New details will most likely emerge regarding Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Irina Shayk. The story will slowly come out piece by piece, headline by headline.

Consider this: we will never know the truth about what happened between these three people. We will never know the true depth of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s working relationship, or all of the reasons leading up to the split between Bradley and Irina.

Here is one thing I do know: it is none of our business.


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