Leaving Neverland: The Psychology of Michael Jackson

Our panel of Shrinks are discussing the psychology of Michael Jackson, including his own childhood and celebrity, his arrested development and personality formation, and more.


HBO’s Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, uncovers the stories of two men who claim to be sexually abused by the pop star and how they came to terms with it years later. 

In today’s episode, our panel of Shrinks are discussing Michael Jackson’s own childhood and celebrity, his arrested development and personality formation, the culture of celebrity with sexual abuse and misconduct, and more.

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When we experience trauma, it literally becomes a landmine in our brain… [michael jackson] has been using whatever happened in his early childhood to guide and shape his future actions.

– Dr. Emma Kate Wright

Being Human

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss some of the latest findings on psychology in the news.

A new study out of Harvard has found that people who had loving parents in childhood had better lives later on. Parental warmth impacts health and wellbeing years later. This includes topics such as happiness and life satisfaction, physical and mental health, relationships and more.

Our panel of Shrinks discusses this and more in today’s Being Human. Read the article that inspired the discussion here.

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  1. I hope jou van reed this. My Englisch writing is not perfect.

    I think i t’ s a shame you all bring this as the truth, and you’re all certain MJ is quilty (a monster even) and WR and JS are speaking the thruth and nothing but the thruth. It’s a story, a narritive, certainly NOT a documentary. Lease investigate the other side asawell. Maybe then you’re all not that certain anymore.

    Also Oprah is not that certain anymore, as she was in the one-sided afther Neaverland. All her biased writing (tweets etc) about LN has been removed.

    Think about it:
    MJ has been under FBI investigation for over 10 years. Nothing was found. MJ has been in court and has been found NOT Guilty, on all charges.
    WR and JS no langer have their cashcow MJ around sinds 2009. They issued a 1.5? Billion dollar lawsuit against the MJ asstait in 2013. After it’s not alloud in court by a judge, they go and make this “documentary” which is NOT, it’s a story-telling film.

    I’m a victom off child abuse myself…
    At first i also felt sorry for JS and WR, and i thougt wrong/bad about MJ and was angry at him.

    But now i’ve done further researsh i can no longer believe WR and JS are telling the truth in LN. I’m sorry, but they are not truthfull!

    • Just hearing this and have the same thoughts, psychologists shouldn’t try to explain the universe by psychology, there are way more simple and natural forces acting (like greed ?)


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