Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar® Snub or Not?


Well folks, the 2016 Oscar® nominations have just been announced, and I’m sure many of us are excited about one person in particular—Leonardo DiCaprio! The Revenant, directed by Alejando Iñárritu, received a total of 12 nominations, one of which included a deserved “Best Actor” nod to DiCaprio for his stellar portrayal of a frontiersman’s fight for survival after a bear attack in the winter wilderness. The Academy has previously nominated DiCaprio for an Oscar® four times based on his incredible performances in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, Blood Diamond in 2006, The Aviator in 2004, and for his work as a supporting actor to Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993.

In DiCaprio’s short life he has been able to create a diverse array of work, but in my opinion he is the most snubbed actor of our generation. Unfortunately, the Academy has yet to fully acknowledge DiCaprio’s immense talent with a win, as he has gone zero for four on his previous nominations. While many would be elated just to receive a nomination, I imagine that DiCaprio will never be fully satisfied with his acting career until he gets to take home that beautiful golden statuette.rev2

Sure, some might say he just hasn’t been lucky, while others would say his films aren’t “artsy” enough. However, a more reasonable argument in my opinion is that he has had some seriously tough competition. Specifically, in 2013 DiCaprio lost to Matthew McConaughey for his brilliant performance in Dallas Buyer’s Club; in 2006 he lost to Forest Whitaker for his depiction of Ugandan dictator Ida Amin in The Last King of Scotland; in 2004 he lost to Jamie Foxx because he appeared to effortlessly capture the legendary blues musician Ray Charles in Ray; and in 1993 he lost to Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.

So, will DiCaprio have a 2016 Oscar® Snub or Not? My vote is for Not! Regardless of his previous record, I genuinely think that this is DiCaprio’s year! He was fully committed to filming (so much so that he was willing to eat raw liver meat), and more importantly he was able to convey a wide range of emotion. He definitely should be the frontrunner for “Best Actor,” but he likely will face stiff competition from Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl. We will just have to wait and see, but good luck Leo!

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