Addiction in Hollywood is a prominent part of the entertainment industry. In fact, addiction is everywhere. It’s uncommon to find someone who doesn’t have a connection to addiction, somehow—even if it’s with the celebrities that we follow.

In this episode, our Shrinks discuss the public displays of drug addiction in Hollywood. From the recent death of Mac Miller, to the overdose of Demi Lovato, to Ben Affleck enrolling in rehabilitation, addiction is an openly reported topic in Hollywood.

Our panel of psychologists and addiction specialists are discussing what this says of our culture and how the idea of addiction has evolved over time.

  “[demi lovato] has been candid with addiction. even now, she is handling it with as much grace as we can expect from anyone with this illness.”

– Dr. Emma Kate Wright

Being Human

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss some of the latest findings on psychology in the news.

Liberals and conservatives are on average, no more or less, narcissistic compared to each other—just different facets of narcissism. This study recently published in the American Journal of Political Science used the Narcissistic Personality Inventory amidst groups of different political parties.

Our panel of Shrinks discusses these findings. Read the article that inspired the discussion here. 

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  1. Doctor’s Orders, literally – there’s a new series of the BBC’s Doctor Who starting on Sunday Oct 7th and for the first time since the show started in 1963 and a run of 12 male actors in the lead role, there’s going to be a female Doctor!


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