Mike Pence: Publicity Stunt or Patriotism?


This Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence was reported leaving the Colts/49ers game after the teams refused to stand for the National Anthem.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to highlight the event.

Many are divided in opinion of whether politics should have a place in sports or not. Both Mike Pence and Donald Trump have been outspoken on their disapproval of kneeling during the National Anthem, noting that it is a display of disrespect for our country. Others argue that this act of civil protest is protected under our freedom of speech, claiming that kneeling is a peaceful way to bring attention to a need for change.

Vice President Mike Pence’s actions, as well as President Donald Trump’s tweets, brought an onslaught of commentary on the online platform:


With so many differences in opinions, we wanted to create a poll to see what our readers thought of this incident. So, what do you think?

Was it a publicity stunt, or an act of patriotism? Take our poll below!



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