Obama’s 7 Most Memorable Moments As President


As Obama’s reign as President of the United States comes to an end, many are reflecting on the past 8 years with a mix of sadness and thankfulness.

As one of my colleagues, Dr. Dave Verhaagen, highlighted in his Which Celebrity Death Hit You Harderst This Year? article, it is not abnormal for one to feel deeply connected to an individual they have never met or interacted with in person.

Obama’s temperament, personality, sense of humor, and relatability make him an especially likable guy, which makes it easy to understand why millions of American’s feel linked to Obama and are struggling to watch him go.

As it stands, we can do one of two things: celebrate the good times, or dwell on the fact that it is over. I prefer the former.

Without further ado, here are President Obama’s 7 Most Memorable Moments in the spotlight:

Obama Lets Kid Touch His Hair

Obama Talks Gun Violence

Obama Stops Baby From Crying


Obama Stands up for Protestor

Obama Kills Fly

Obama’s Comeback

Obama Sings

Like many that have come before him, Obama will not be fully appreciated for the work he has done as president until long after he is gone. A couple decades from now, President Obama will be mentioned in the same breath as Abraham Lincoln, MLK Jr., and other exceptional leaders that have come before him. When that day is upon us, you can say I told you so. 😉



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