I Predicted the Summer of 2016: The Bachelorette, Captain America, and (Almost) Drake


Three months ago at the end of May, I predicted three entertainment events for the Summer of 2016. I love predicting pop culture stuff because it’s like a big game for me. Specifically, this year I predicted the outcome of the Bachelorette, the box office champ of the summer, and the song of the summer. You can see the original post here.

So how’d I do?

Pretty solid, I’d say.

The Bachelorette

Let’s start with the most objective prediction of the bunch, the Bachelorette. It’s objective because she either picks my guess or she doesn’t. Since there isn’t much in the way of polyamorous relationships on the show, it’s pretty cut and dry. As I said in the original article, I don’t watch this dumb show and I find the premise fairly gross, but I watch about 20 minutes of the first episode and instantly make my predictions. My wife (who has been known to watch the show) and others who know me can vouch that this is the only data I have. I look at the Bachelorette’s (or Bachelor’s) face when they first meet the contestant. If there is that initial spark, then I put the contestant on a short list, then prioritize it based on how intense that initial reaction seemed to be. For the past several season, I have nailed it, usually choosing two of the final three contestants and often getting the final pick right. This year, I said that JoJo would pick Jordan and she picked…Jordan.

Photo Credit: people.com
Photo Credit: people.com

Nailed it.

I’m so proud. I’d like to thank the Academy…

Again, this is only watching about 20 minutes of the first episode and nothing more. Pardon me while I pause to pat myself on the back.

(Later that day)

Actually I feel a little sad that I got this right. What has my life become?

Moving on…

Box Office Champ

For box office champ, I said it would come down to Captain America: Civil War or Finding Dory. Ultimately, I landed on Captain America. Now, I will say that at the time of the original article, Captain America had a bit of a head start and had already done solid box office, which I acknowledged. However, there was no reason to think another film couldn’t surpass it.  Still, I stuck with Cap and predicted it would be the overall box office champ. So how’d I do?

Again, nailed it.

Captain America is 2016’s box office champ with $1.15 Billion (that’s billion with a b) in revenue worldwide. Check out the full list here.


But this is just a little questionable because I didn’t specify whether I was talking about international or domestic box office. If we are talking about the domestic box office, then, you guessed it, the winner would be Finding Dory. The Pixar sequel pulled in $483 million in the U.S. alone this summer.

Either way, I called the top two box office champs. We’ll chalk it up as a win.

Song of the Summer

Finally, the most subjective category is Song of the Summer. It’s subjective because there isn’t a definitive metric that everyone agrees on. I tend to rely on Rolling Stone’s end of the summer pick, but some people use Spotify streams and others just base it on the song they believed captured the summer the best.

I said the Song of the Summer would come down to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling and Drake’s One Dance. I ultimately said it would go to JT.

And the verdict?

I got the top two correct, but in the wrong order. Missed it by this much!

Photo Credit: gq.com

According to Rolling Stone, One Dance came in first, Can’t Stop the Feeling came in second. Interestingly, Timberlake’s song was the top selling song of the summer, while One Dance was the top played or streamed song. So it was a close call and I can take credit for picking the top two, but missing the champ by a hair.

I’ll Be Back

All in all, a pretty solid summer of prognosticating. Someone asked me a few weeks ago why I like predicting dumb pop culture stuff. My first response was, “Have we met?” and then my second response was, “I have no idea,” but the more I thought about it, I realized that I just enjoy trying to guess what the humans will do. We are a nutty but predictable bunch for the most part.

There are more dumb predictions to come, so don’t you worry your pretty little heads. I’ll be back with more.


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