Do you think that leaders are as important as we make them?

The cultural climate of today has shown numerous bad examples of leadership—from the streets of Washington, D.C, the courts of professional athletics, even to the Red Carpets in Hollywood.

Our panel of Shrinks discusses the psychology of leadership. Listen in below or anywhere you find podcasts.

Show notes:

0:00 — Introduction

10:04 — Being Human

21:42 — Trending Topic

Some of my favorite leaders I didn’t even think of as leaders, but more as mentors.

 – Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

Being Human

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss some of the latest findings on psychology in the news.

For the first time in its 127-year history, the APA has issued guidelines to help psychologists specifically address the issues of men and boys.

The new “Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men” defines “masculinity ideology” as “a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence.” The report also links this ideology to homophobia, bullying and sexual harassment.

Our panel of Shrinks discusses this and more in today’s Being Human. Read the article that inspired the discussion here. 

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