Ranking the American Idol Top 6 Performances


The American Idol finalists returned with a decidedly B-grade show.  There wasn’t a bad performance in the bunch, but there was only one great one.  Once again, La’Porsha wins the night.  Dalton’s stock rose back up, but not majorly. He had a solid solo and a weaker duet.  These six finalists are all strong, but La’Porsha is the one to beat, for sure.

The Duets:

1.  La’Porsha & Trent – See You Again – B+

2.  Avalon & Sonika – Rise Up – B

3.  MacKenzie & Dalton – I Want It That Way – B-

4.  Tristan & Lee Don’t Want to Miss A Thing – B-

The Solos:

1.  La’Porsha Renae – A-

2.  Dalton Rapatonni – Eleanor Rigby – B+

3.  Sonika Vaid – I Have Nothing – B+

4.  MacKenzie Bourg – You Are So Beautiful – B

5.  Trent Harmon – Stand By Me – B

6.  Tristan McIntosh – A Broken Wing – B

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