Ep. 120 ‘Ready Player One’ Celebrates Video Games in an Otherwise Polarized Culture


Ready Player One is a pop culture lover’s dream. Today’s podcast episode is centered around the book-to-movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg.


With the movie’s recent release, the Shrinks discuss their memories of the book and hopes for the adaptation while also opening a conversation on violence in video games. In a cultural climate that is pointing the finger at video games causing violent behavior, Ready Player One is a breath of fresh air. With a storyline is rife with gaming references, our panel hopes that Ready Player One can celebrate the wonder of video games.


“There’s actually a decent amount of research revolving around the benefits of a variety of video games.”


–Dr. Dave Verhaagen



Being Human

In our Being Human segment, the Shrink Tank Podcast panelists discuss how some Arkansas students participated in the National Walkout and received corporal punishment for it.  According to a report by The Washington Post, Arkansas is one of 19 states that still allow corporal punishment to be administered in schools.  This opens up a discussion on problem-solving skills and our Shrinks personal experience with corporal punishment.

Doctor’s Orders

In our Doctor’s Orders segment, the Shrinks talk products and other things they are personally enjoying in pop culture.


1. The Disaster Artist The Room


Not sure how to organize your double feature of these so-bad-their-good movies? Dr. Dave Verhaagen recommends The Disaster Artist , then The Room to truly revel in the hilarity.

2. Nudes by Lucius

If you’re looking for a fun, girly Indie-pop rock, check out Lucius. Jonathan Hetterly, LPC recommends their newest album Nudes which showcases the group’s vocals in a raw, vulnerable sound that differs from their typical electric aesthetic. Listen in here.


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