Should Scott Eastwood Be Young Han Solo?


A few weeks ago, we shared a leaked story from Variety that cited an industry insider who said the search for young Han Solo had come down to about a dozen young actors.  You can read about eight of them here.

We decided to ask you who you would cast in the role.  In our highly unscientific survey, you gave Scott Eastwood the most votes.  Here are the top three vote-getters:

1.  Scott Eastwood – He has rugged good looks and a manly man screen persona.  His career is taking off with roles in films like Fury and Diablo.  He may be a solid choice. However, is he too old for the part?  Can he play the cocky, sarcastic side of Han Solo?  

2.  Logan Lerman – Eastwood’s Fury co-star has already had a stellar film career, anchoring the Percy Jackson films and headlining the new classic The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He has done action well. He’s got the emotional acting chops. But does he have the right type of presence for the part?

3.  Dave Franco – He’s a great comic actor in films like 21 Jump Street, Superbad, Neighbors, and more. He can toss off quips and one-liners effortlessly.  Can he pull of the young action hero role, though?

Three good choices.  Three very different actors. The producers of The Force Awakens did such a spot-on good job of casting that it’s clear we are definitely in good hands. With such an iconic role, they will undoubtedly make the right call.  We’ll keep you posted.

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