13 Most Shocking Moments From Game of Thrones, Season 6


Game of Thrones just finished one of its best seasons yet with some of the greatest moments and episodes of the entire series. I created a list and have narrowed it down to these 13 most shocking moments…

**Beware! This piece is dark and full of spoilers…and we don’t want you to be spoiled**

13 Most Shocking Moments From Game of Thrones, Season 6

13. Benjen Lives…Sorta

After all these years, he’s back, except now he’s Coldhands. Ned’s younger brother was stabbed in the belly by an ice sword, but the Children of the Forest jammed an obsidian spear into his chest to keep the White Walker’s magic from doing its thing. We discover he’s been working with the Three-Eyed Raven and we know there’s more to come.

Benjen12. Arya Isn’t No One

When Jaqen H’ghar finally tells her a girl has become no one, she tells him, “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell…and I’m going home.” Boom! Drop the mic! Though many fans were upset that we didn’t get to see the long awaited fight between Arya and The Waif, the wall of many faces told us everything we really needed to know.

Arya11. Is Wun-Wun the Last Giant?

They tried to hold the door, but Wun-Wun was having none of it. There’s only so many arrows a giant can take, though. Is he the last of his kind? It sure seems like it.

WunWun10. Battle of the Bastards

It what is arguably the best episode of the entire series (Hardhomme, The Rains of Castamere, Blackwater, The Winds of Winter, to name a few others), but it is inarguably the best battle scene ever shot for television. In fact, it is one of the best battle scenes ever committed to film, on par with Saving Private Ryan’s opening sequence, LOTR’s Battle of Helms Deep, and a few others. As the scene moves toward its climax, Jon Snow emerges from the suffocating crush in an overhead shot that is all grey-blue tones. It parallels the moment in Season 4 when Daenerys is surrounded by the people who call her “the mother” and her overhead shot is all orange-brown.  She is fire; he is ice. A Song of Ice and Fire.

BattleOfTheBastards9. Yara Reunites with Theon

Then they stole their family’s fleet of ships. It’s nice to see Theon’s story finally arch, but now that he and his sister have Daenerys and her army, will they truly be able to avoid going back to their Iron-born lifestyle once it’s all said and done?

TheonYaraGreyjoy8. The Hound Barks Again

Sandor Clegane begged Arya to kill him last season. This season, he shows up alive—and he’s swinging an axe and taking names. Will we get the Clegane-bowl after all? Will he finally do the right thing?  He’s back for a reason and we all can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

HoundReturns7. Now We Know the Little Birds (and just how deadly they are)

Little birds apparently have sharp knives. Angry birds! Killer birds.  We’ve always known that they’ve worked for Varys, Little Finger, and Pycelle (not anymore!) but with Qyburn in control, there’s just no telling how important these little birds will be down the road.

LittleBirds6. The Tommen Leap of No Faith

“Well, that’ll do it for me. Goodnight everybody!” The parallel with Bran being pushed out of the window in the Pilot episode of Season 1 really makes us wonder if we’ll start seeing child proof locks in season 7. RIP Tommen – we hope Sir Pounce avenges all the wrong that has been done.

Tommen5. Frey Pie

We know that Lady Stoneheart is definitely not going to show up in the series, so perhaps the show runners gave Arya the role of the Frey-assassin. After she avenges her mother and brother’s death, we can’t help but wonder if she’ll work on the rest of her list now that she’s back in her neck of the woods.

FreyPie4. Wildfire & Dragon Fire

Wildfire make Sept go boom. Dragon fire makes enemies into smores. Lots of fire this season. What does Dany care? Fire ain’t nothin’ but a thang for her.  The ladies of Game of Thrones burned up the competition and made it to the top this season.

WildfireDragonFire3. Hold The Door 

We’re still too verklempt to talk about it, except to say this is one of the best moments of the entire series. Let’s move on…

Hodor2. From Death to Kingship, The King in the North 2.0

Last season he was deader than a doornail; now he’s King of the Free Folk, the fabled King Crow. The best worst-kept secret in Game of Thrones history was still epic. Jon Snow is alive…and he’s kicking arse.

KingInTheNorth1. Cersei Lannister Is Crowned

Note we are saying Lannister, not Baratheon. She sits on the Iron Throne. Oh, boy…Some are calling her The Mad Queen, paralleling her destruction with the intent of Aries Targaryen.  Will Jaime still find himself in love or will he become the next Queenslayer?


These were just a few of our favorite moments. If you have any favorite moments from Season 6, tell us about them in the comment section below!

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