Ep.10: Beasts of No Nation and Liberia’s Son

Beasts of No Nation

Shrink Tank Podcast

Netflix releases their first ever feature film, Beasts of No Nation, both streaming and in theatres this week and we discuss how film watching has changed since the advent of streaming services like Netflix, as well as what the future will hold for big screen cinema and the Oscars. Not only is Beasts likely to stir up some talk leading to Awards season, the plot which centers around the Liberian Civil War, is subject matter of particular interest to us as well. We discuss an upcoming in-house publication which Dave Verhaagan with Yu-jay Harris, which centers around Yu-jay’s first-hand account of the conflict. Stay tuned for release of “Liberia’s Son” December 1st! We also dig into why white men are more prone to depression,  and the healing properties of seeing live music.

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