Ep.8: The Comedic Martians


Shrink Tank Podcast

What’s with our obsession with survival, colonizing, and space travel?! (Well, besides all being awesome…) We are discussing the new movie The Martian, based on the first novel by Andy Weir, as it relates to our own survival instincts and how as a society we react to human interest stories as opposed to larger-scale or global problems.  In “Being Human” we liken religious fundamentalism to our childhood belief in the Tooth Fairy (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/14/religious-fundamentalism-a-side-effect-of-lazy-brains.html) and why the illusion of smooth smooth skin keeps us touching (http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2015/09/you-like-being-touched-because-your-body-makes-you.html), and we test the experiment on Frank! And in honor of SNL’s debut on October 3rd we discuss some fave memories and trivia from the show!

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