Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Where Moral Psychology Comes into Play


Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Where Moral Psychology Comes into Play

In September of this year, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a measure that allows players to receive endorsement deals, despite the NCAA calling the move “unconstitutional.”

When asked about the NCAA’s differing view on the subject, Governor Newsom said, “I have deep reverence, deep respect for the NCAA and college athletics. I just think the system has been perverted, and this is fundamentally about rebalancing things. It’s about equity, it’s about fairness, and it’s about time.”

In today’s podcast episode, our panel is joined by special guest Tarik Sloussi, LPC to discuss the debate of whether or not college athletes should be paid. This discussion touches on money, power imbalance and corruption, gender/racial/economic injustice, and more.

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Being Human

Every week our panel of Shrinks breaks down trending topics of psychology in the news that we call Being Human.

Since later on we’ll be discussing the culture shift of athletes receiving financial support, we wanted to highlight another change that needs to happen: more support for mental health care.

In an article from Global Sports Matters, Gen Z is described as being “on the brink of the worst mental health crisis in decades.”

Just this last year, public admissions from athletes at all levels of competition prove the prevalence of mental health issues. Despite this, many student-athletes are still afraid to seek help, finding that it can be challenging especially if their coach isn’t supportive.

Our panel of Shrinks breaks down their thoughts on these findings.

You can read the study that inspired our discussion here.


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