Ep. 93 The 2017 Summer in Review


Throughout this episode of the Shrink Tank Podcast, our team of Shrinks discusses the 2017 summer in review. From predicting their song of the summer to guessing which movie would top the box office, the Shrinks take a look at their thoughts and review how they matched up with the season.



With summer coming to a close, our team decided to look back on the season with a fresh perspective. Our panel of Shrinks took on this challenge and discussed their previous predictions for the top movie of the summer, the song of the summer as well as their prime time/streaming show recommendations. Listen in as we discuss this summer in review, the instance of mental adaptability with intelligent people and social stereotypes, and the detrimental impact of smartphones on adults.



Join our Shrink Tank podcast contributors Emma Kate Wright and Jonathan Hetterly as they discuss this week’s trending topic.


Session with the Shrinks too short? Check out our last episode here.



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