Tell Me Who I Am Reveals How Trauma Shapes our Identity 

Netflix's latest documentary follows the revelation of a dark family secret that was kept for over twenty years.


Tell Me Who I Am Reveals how Trauma Shapes our Identity

Netflix’s latest documentary Tell Me Who I Am follows the revelation of a dark family secret that was kept for over twenty years.

If you knew a secret about a loved one that would only bring them pain—could you tell them? If you lost all memory of a deeply painful experience, would you want to know the truth?

This Psych Cinema focuses on the Netflix documentary, Tell Me Who I Am. The documentary details the almost unbelievable real-life story of Alex Lewis, a man who loses most of his memory due to a motorcycle accident. His twin brother, Marcus, is given the responsibility of re-populating his lost memories—but there’s a deep secret that he chooses to withhold.

Tell Me Who I Am highlights how our sense of self is heavily informed by our experiences—and our pain.

Therapist Jonathan Hetterly analyzes how Tell Me Who I Am highlights the lasting impacts of trauma, avoidance in coping, and family dysfunction. Tune in to hear Jonathan’s analysis here:

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