‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Fun Under the Tuscan Sun


Each week, our team of mental health experts breaks down the week’s episode of ABC’s hit, ‘The Bachelor.’ Whether we’re remarking on the mental health of the contestants, or the corny moments we can’t unsee, we catch you up with all the tea being spilled on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season. 


So apparently The Bachelor’s producers got their finances back on track and have cleared their international travel budget. After staying grounded in the States, Bachelor Arie and the women flew from Paris last episode to Tuscany for three one-on-one dates and a small group date.  Cheers to living vicariously in far-flung romantic locales!


With hometown dates looming, Arie’s job of winnowing the field was made easier when Jacqueline the Researcher pulled the ripcord herself.  Acknowledging a “crazy” physical attraction to him, she admitted to nagging doubts about whether their lives would mesh.  She told him she had a hard time visualizing being married to him and living in Scottsdale, AZ.




Kudos to the Jacqueline.  I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often on the show, with the accelerated relationship timeline.  Contestants must sense doubts more than they reveal, perhaps due to the pressure of being on-camera.  One notable exception was Ali Fedotowsky, who late in the season left Jake the Pilot for her job before becoming the Bachelorette herself.


As we enter the final laps, I have to say that this has been an entertaining season.


I assert that even though I think Arie is kind of a snooze-fest as Bachelor (shocking, given what he does for a living).  Fortunately, an interesting group of women, with lots of contrasting personalities, have filled the vacuum.  It’s also been hard predicting who might get the Final Rose.  Having a wide-open field has made for suspenseful viewing, but does not bode well for Arie’s post-show love prospects.


And now for a rundown of our categories for this episode:




Arie had some pretty heavy make-out sessions with Becca the Publicist, Lauren the Black Belt, and Kendall the Taxidermist (not a coincidence that they all got roses).  However, the tone seems to be shifting a bit from hot to affectionate.  Perhaps this forebears genuine feelings developing, as opposed to just raging hormones.




I have been a fan of Bekah the Nanny since the season premiere.  


She’s funny, energetic, and has a proclivity towards keeping it real.  Age difference notwithstanding, her chemistry with Arie made her a strong contender.  But her gleeful response to the departure of Seinne the Scholar was unbecoming.  Sure, your odds of getting a rose on your upcoming group date just went up, Bekah.  But keep it classy.




With Seinne and Jacqueline gone, two roses were on the table for the three-on-one date with Bekah, Kendall, and Tia the Razorback.  After some alone time, Arie gave the suddenly surging Kendall a rose.  Tia then drew a major foul by devoting a chunk of her alone time to telling Arie that Bekah’s not ready for marriage.


Tia has seemed like a good person.  She was the first to tell Arie she’s falling in love with him.  He’s clearly liked her for a while.  So why not be secure in your relationship, Tia, rather than sand-bagging someone else?


To make matters worse, Tia then went right to Bekah to tell her about what she’d told Arie.




 Sorry, Tia, but at that point, honesty does not offset back-stabbing.  Given Bekah’s deeply hurt feelings, maybe Tia told her as a trash-talking tactic, to throw her off her game before she spent time with Arie.  It looked like Bekah might have salvaged the situation and gotten even closer to him.  But, alas, he sent her back to California.




It had been a long time between dates for Becca, and her day with him in Tuscany rejuvenated their relationship.  They talked a lot and seem to have a strong friendship foundation.  Whether there is enough romance to seal the deal, though, is an open question.




Arie is falling hard for Lauren, who told him she is falling in love with him.  It’s hard to figure what he sees in her.  They don’t seem particularly connected when they’re together.  Their conversations are forced.  And what was up with that shocked look and time-out he took after she bared her soul?!




But maybe her guarded nature is intriguing to him- he could be energized by the challenge of getting her to open up.  Or maybe he just really likes blondes (what color was Emily Maynard’s hair?).



With Lauren in the pole position, Becca and Kendall still have good shots at the Final Rose.  Tia is way back though, and not just because of that stunt she pulled with Bekah.  Arie certainly likes her, but his body language with her is different than with the other women.  Tia won’t be around after Arkansas.


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