The Best YouTube Videos of 2015


We love viral videos! Men are more likely to share videos evoking disgust or shock while women tend to share videos evoking joy. In a study reviewing why viral videos spread, all viral videos included the emotional component of surprise. Half of all videos on Youtube have fewer than 500 views. A tiny fraction of a percent go viral. One consistent conclusion is that people share videos as a way of connecting to a group, an idea, or to self-authenticate how they feel about themselves. Sharing is a way of relating to a particular group and way to self-express. YouTube videos are our office watercooler and school lunchroom topics and in essence bring us together in a way the television no longer does.

Here is a psychologist’s list of the 15 most popular videos of 2015. Enjoy and share!!!

15. English Guard Tourist Trample

14. Gorilla Breaks Glass

13. Miracle Girl Stands paralyzed

12. Blue Angles Gust

11. Taekwondo Tyke Breaks Board

10. One Fit Pit Bull

9. The Pizza Rat

8. Street Justice

7. Subzero Bass Car

6. Crazy Plastic Ball Prank

5. Skyscraper Parcour

4. Murderous Manatee

3. Dover Police Dashcam

2. Slingshot Scares Girls On Ride

1. Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer #2

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